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MARCH 31, 2022 -  ''Picking up my new Bb trumpet made by my friend Mark Geelen, who is a fantastic trumpet player and craftsman!  With an eye for detail and quality Mark has developed his own ideas into a new line of trumpets that are truly unique. The sound is so rich in colours that I can direct it in any way my imagination wants it to go. The feel of the trumpet makes me relaxed and to just let the horn sing. Mark looks at the person behind the instrument and builds a trumpet that allows the unique qualities of the player come out.  This instrument is the best Bb trumpet I've played on. There is a lot of heart put into the making of it and that quality is defenitely shining through! ''

Thank you Mark!              VISIT:

GNV Quartet plays Ballads

Happy to announce the upcoming album, which came about due to the special cooperation with Sound Liaison label. The album will be available in high. res. on: and CD and digital on bandcamp and this website:


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 DECEMBER 2020 Recording




    GNV Quartet LIVE recording at the MCO Studio, Hilversum Nov 22, 2020  

             GNV Band album recording at the Legacy Studio Oct. 2, 2020                     Cas Jiskoot, Bert Boeren, Jasper van Damme, Timothy Banchet, Yoran Vroom, Gidon Nunes Vaz.

     GNV Band at Generations Jazz Festival, Sept. 19, 2020 (photo Gerard Oltmans)



                                                ONLINE CONCERT


                     Music available on:


Fay Claassen CD Release concert at LantarenVenster Rotterdam Jan. 17 2020 photo by Jurjen Donkers.


HI-FI DSD Audio version!

 Yoran Vroom album recording at the Legacy Studio, Dec. 2019.

With the Jazz Classic Trio at the Esse Jazz Club, Moscow. Oct. 12 2019

Peter Beets/Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra. Bimhuis, Oct. 15 2018.

Jazz in Europe - MAY 2019 interview:


Dutch Jazz Heritage - Chet Baker Tribute, April 25, 2019 - Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Soloist: Ack van Rooyen & Gidon Nunes Vaz.

March 23, 2019 Jazz Festival Spijkenisse: Benjamin Herman & The Dutch All Stars: Jesse van Ruller, Carlo de Wijs, Yoran Vroom, Gidon Nunes Vaz.


January 23, 2019: CD Release Concert at Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam. Featuring: Denise Jannah (photo Jan Dirk Bol)

Latest album There's No End available at:

Recent Podcast conversation on Sound of the Moment!:


November 2018 Russia tour with frontman Jasper van Damme and the Jazz Classic Trio from St. Petersburg.



May 25, 2018: New Quartet recording session featuring: Denise Jannah, Timothy Banchet, Thomas Pol and Yoran Vroom!



October 2017 Release: Carry It On!

April 1, 2017. Celebrating Eric Ineke's 70 birthday!  - Bimhuis, Amsterdam.


February 2017, Rein de Graaff trio and baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan.









Night Life - Released on CD and Vinyl

NPO Soul & Jazz Radio

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オランダ人トランペッターGidon Nunes Vaz 、ストレートアヘッドなプレイ、歌心たっぷりのフレージングはとても25才とは信じがたい...。彼のcd「Tribute to KD」が近々日本のDiskunionで販売開始されることに!まずはYouTubeでどうぞ。(KDが何のことかわかるはず)
"Dutch-Japanese Jazz Connection! So happy to introduce very talented & promising Dutch trumpeter Gidon Nunes Vaz to Japan. His CD "Tribute to KD" will be launched soon in Japan! Thanks to Diskunion!"