Gidon Nunes Vaz



            Gidon Nunes Vaz Sextet

In front: Recording engineer Max Bolleman. In the back: Gidon, Jean-Clair, Jasper, Tijs, Floris and Caspar.


Gidon Nunes Vaz - trumpet/fluegelhorn                                                             Jasper van Damme - altosax/flute                                                                   Caspar van Wijk - tenorsax                                                                               Floris Kappeyne - piano                                                                                        Tijs Klaassen - double bass                                                                                        Jean-Clair de Ruwe - drums 


Since the autumn of 2015 the Gidon Nunes Vaz Sextet was formed. A group of  friends who has been playing together in the past years in various settings. Previous to the birth of the sextet, the group played gigs around the Netherlands as a quintet, which resulted in the album: Tribute to KD (June 2015). With the addition of another close friend on saxophone, the palate of colors for composing expanded, which resulted in the second album Night Life (Dec. 2015). In March 2017 the sextet recorded new material with legendary recording engineer Max Bolleman in Belgium. A direct recording on tape, similar to the Blue Note Records style of recording. The album was released in October 2017.